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Sunday, 2019-04-21, 7:04 PM
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Me Llamo Gleezel

My name is Gleezel. I preferred to be called "Dandan".That's my nickname but it's fine to call me by my first name too.I'm from Dapitan City in Western Mindanao.I am the youngest among the three siblings.

What I Like

  • nature lover
  • pet gooky
  • i love spaghetti
  • obsessed of ice cream
  • i attracted wth red color (bloody red)
  • bookworm, i love Zig Ziglar's books
  • video games addict

    What I Do
    As a common individual I want to be recognized in the society and dream to be a good citizen in the world.

    I am a visual artist and topped some of my art pieces.

    2nd Annual Indigenous Peoples' Visual Art Show in Dipolog City Winners.
    (Right standing wearing white shirt)

    I also enjoy doing martial arts. I was a taekwondo player way back high school and become a tai chi practitioner. I learned self-discipline. My Shian-she taught me different techniques and be very keen to the environment,somewhat having a third eye.Awesome! But my mentors kept reminding me remain "feet on the ground".

    My Present Life
    I graduated college last 2008 in the field of Computer Science. Now I am working as call center agent in Cebu City. Sharing my thoughts and ideas to city people how I create magic.I have my small business.I am an Independent Business Owner of Amway, a leader of leaders in global business.Through it I met different optimistic individuals loaded of motivational and inspiring stories.

    Like others, I keep dreaming on and aspiring others too.

    Make sense.

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